Friday, July 27, 2007

Best viewed on Safari

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Written, not posted on 14th June - It's only been an hour since I started using Safari and the experience is awesome. You can download it here. Of course, as with most other softwares, this one's not fully bug-free yet. When I tried to open my yahoo mail (the new beta version) using Safari, it gave me a windows error. I did not report the issue to Microsoft as the pop-up asked me to do. Instead, I opened another window of Safari to reported a bug. Wonder why Microsoft wants to know when Safari crashes - maybe Mr. Gates wants to talk about the number of Safari crashes when he's with Steve Jobs on stage the next time.

Written today - 27th July: Safari has come a long way since their launch on the 4th of June. Currently, version 3.0.2 is available for download and most of their earlier bugs seem to have been fixed. The Download Updates page lists Latest Security Updates, Improved Stability and other fixes as the top updates. You may also be interested in the 'Coming Soon' list of features.

Now might be a safe time to migrate to Safari, if you haven't done so already. The interface is compellingly addictive and you'll fall in love with it within the first hour of starting use. And don't worry about those bookmarks in IE and Firefox - those will be automatically migrated when you install. As of now I'm still not sure if these bugs were solved though, but I haven't ever encountered anything similar.

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Jason said...

Bill wants to know because after a pre-determined trigger limit (and at the request of the developer) Microsoft sends these reports, complete with memory dumps to the developer. Much more useful than a text message "it crashed on yahoo mail mr jobs :'("