Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Never losing your bag?

It's not like I'm supporting this business or anything, just that I have been awed by the way the GPS technology can be used.

is a paid service for anyone who wants to stay connected to her (or his, depending on who's reading) bags/luggage/scooter/surfboard via the internet. Although I have no reason to be connected to my surfboard over the internet, I'm pretty sure locating it floating somewhere in the Pacific will not bring much peace after losing it but it's a welcome change to know that the airline baggage handlers can no longer lose your luggage. In fact, your luggage will no longer be lost at all! You can always confirm that it wasn't checked-in with you on that connecting flight from Frankfurt to Adelaid and will be arriving only after you've already left Adelaid after that client meeting...

And hey, you can use a tag on your surfboard afterall! You never know if it floated back ashore after you gave up searching for it!

Anyway, the service I was talking about in the earlier paragraph is excellent for the frequent traveler and for people who want to keep track of things in your life. You can even use it for a dog's tag. Frankly, I'm sometimes saddened by notices in the parks about lost and found pets. If everyone used a GPS tag on their pets, maybe we can eliminate the whole 'lost and found for pets' posts altogether. Wouldn't that be nice? :)

To link my finding with the essence of this blog, how about I put one of these tag on my bike? That way mom will never have to call me to find out where I am! She can always look me up. Guess I'll just have to leave my bike at a friend's place if I'm going out partying late night..

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