Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Okay, so mankind survived through the iPhone hype and now all the die hard fans already have their iPhones. Congratulations to all of you. In case you're not among the people who camped outside Apple or AT&T stores before the release, you might want to check this post from Gizmodo about the features the iPhone doesn't have (yes, it isn't perfect!). Some of the features you might miss in the iPhone - No video recording, MMS or IM, no GPS and no games. Other than this the iPhone is pretty much living up to its hype. And, once the iPhone apps market hots up, there will be some very exciting applications coming.

Here's a look at two interesting videos - one pre-launch and one post-launch. Some of the features promised in the pre-launch video have been delivered in the post-launch! It's only a matter of time before the rest of the apps make it.

Pre-launch hype

Features mentioned:
- Camera
- Movie Player
- Remote control
- Bottle opener
- Electric razor
- Blow Drier
- Mousetrap
- Lip gloss
- Condiment dispenser
- Mace
- Cheese grater
- Sonogram
- Treadmill
- Thermometer
- Portable shower
- Bookmark
- Hand grenade
- Flute
- Sideburns
- Prophylactic

Post-Launch magic

Features/Apps available
- Coffee!
- Electric razor (delivered as per the hype)
- X-Ray (should not be used as a sonogram)
- Stocks

Not only that, you can even see the OS10 in the background if you shake the phone a bit.

Now that's what I call an iNtelligent phone!

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