Friday, July 20, 2007

Video sharing - Expect more

From this post on by Laurie Sullivan, we now know about the future of internet video networks. A lot of new video sharing networks are coming up. Call it video-sharing 2.0, these networks promise to give more professionally generated content to the users and are poised to gather huge audiences.

All this, thanks to (1) the democratization of media and the falling cost of production and distribution on the internet and (2) the increasing connectivity and bandwidth available to the end users. The fastest internet connection, currently serving Sigbritt L ├Âthberg of Sweden, is pegged at 40GBps. Moore's Law dictates that it will not be long (a few 20 month cycles perhaps) before such connections will be the norm and we will be able to download hour long HD videos in about the same time we currently take to download that 3-minute .flv from YouTube.

Expect more juice in your (free) video downloads in the future. Also, expect detailed reviews here.

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