Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More than your Wii

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In this post yesterday, I mentioned how accelerometers are helping change things around us in an interesting way. Apparently I haven't been reading my blog subscriptions - InventorSpot reported two days ago about the same Tango that I mentioned. What's more, they have more pictures than I could find at that time.

Quoting Inventorspot, "High schoolers Ben Gulak and Jason Morrow, both 18, displayed their vehicle at a recent Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Albuquerque. Besides being cool, the bike is also green. It produces zero emissions, and the inventors hope it will be used in cities due to its compact size."

My analysis suggests the bike uses information from a triple-axis accelerometer to ensure that it doesn't fall when you lean forward/back on it. In fact, the imbalance caused when you shift your weight is used to turn, accelerate and brake. The concept, although not new, is pretty neat and we can hope to see more applications based on this device. This one application is quite interesting - Remote measurements

This also adds another item to our list of devices with this technology at the heart -

  • Nike +
  • The Wii Remote
  • Segway Scooters
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