Monday, August 06, 2007

Network review - Clipshack

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Clipshack is owned by RealityDigital, which also offers a white label platform for launching and hosting entire sites.

ClipShack is a community for videophiles; a destination where people can post their video for general public viewing and comment, share clips with friends and family, post video to blogs, share information and feedback with other videophiles and wireless media aficionados and gain industry information relevant to digital video creation. The mission of ClipShack is to be the easiest, most fun site for sharing and playing with video.
RealityDigital was also in the news some time back (as reported by Mashable) when they raised 2 Million using Clipshack. There has also been speculation that Clipshack may be no more than a smart piece of marketing for RealityDigital. But all that shouldn't stop me from doing an objective review of the service. Here goes -

Clipshack has not been making news of late, but they have been mentioned by PCWorld and CBS4 earlier. TechCrunch calls it 'The Flickr of Video Sharing'. All uploaded files are converted to flash (for ease of viewing across browsers) and so the videos can easily be embedded to any site. Users can also rate and tag videos (which has become a plain vanilla service these days) and create holiday video cards. One added bonus is that you can upload videos from your Cellphone. While the space per user is pegged at 5GB, it should be sufficient for a long time. The site also integrates Google Maps so you can map your content and search by location.

Overall, I would give Clipshack a 2 on our one-to-five scale. If you are a company representative or a die-hard fan of Clipshack, do leave a comment and I can add in the updates.

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Cynthia Francis said...

ClipShack is designed for individuals sharing with families and friends, so perhaps your "objective" review is not aimed at our core audience. The site is also where Reality Digital launches new product capabilities of our media sharing and social networking platform, Opus. Your use of the word "ailing" is sensational, but not accurate. For the audience that uses ClipShack, and for the businesses that can test features of our Opus platform before rolling out thier own sites, the site is healthy and thriving.