Friday, September 07, 2007

China's new record

The world's largest population wanted the world's largest TV. At 100 meters long and 20 meters wide, this $32 million TV shows the sky (presumably at day-time) and fish (at night?) and also people's pictures. They say sometimes people confuse it for the real sky! Given the rate at which animals (and birds) are becoming extinct and the rate at which we're polluting our skies, this may well be the future sky in a lot of cities. Birds in the video look fantastically real though -

As if to compete with nearby Hong Kong's Ocean Park or Singapore's Water World, the Giant TV also shows an interesting display of fish swimming around. It's like the view from the bottom of an aquarium. Check out the video -

Now imagine similar screens on both sides of the passage. Welcome to Videotopia! Wish I had one of these in my house. So... your TV is 132 inches? Inches? Mine's as long as a soccer field!

BTW, Gizmodo reported this first. To read their post, click here.

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