Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sci-Fi or Bad Try?

Buzz Aldrin on the MoonIf you are interested in science and like Sci-Fi movies, have you ever noticed discrepancies in the way a movie is shown in a theater and reality? I know - it happens all the time, but do you mind gross inadequacies as far as the story framework/picturization is concerned?

Popular Science has an interesting compendium of movie mistakes where a science fact is depicted incorrectly. Visit this link to see the list for yourself. Interesting stuff, with calculations and all.

Moviemakers, remember this:

  • Sound does NOT travel through the vacuum of space
  • Conservation of momentum still holds true
  • Archimedes died, not his theorem
  • Same with Newton - the three laws haven't been disproved yet
  • We haven't been in outer space and neither have you. If you want to take us for a ride, keep it close to the facts (gravity and the whatnots)
  • And thanks for the incredible visuals. The movie experience has never been better.

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