Tuesday, September 04, 2007

TouchGraph - A New Frontier On Egosurfing

Welcome TouchGraph, the website connectivity finder. Basically, it uses Google Search and data from crosslinks between webpages to display information in a visual manner using circles (spheres?). The area of the circle is proportional to the number of pages linking a particular site. The diagram itself is expandable and all the circles can be clicked to retrieve more data about that particular page. Here's what the team says about visualization -

Visualization goes beyond lists to reveal larger-scale patterns. Results are displayed in context – one can see how they fit into the big picture, how they relate to each other, and how they connect to metadata such as subjects and authors.

Princess Diana

Data taken from Google is presented in the Google browser for TouchGraph (the first link). You can also use their Amazon Browser and the Facebook Browser to see how business or people related websites are connected.

This would also make a great place if you are in for some Egosurfing today. Choose one of the browsers and search for your name. The results may surprise you. It's just like Googling yourself, but with a snazzy visual representation of the results.

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