Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Can't Miss Advertising - AdAir

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Now here's advertising you just can't miss - AdAir presents ads targeted specially at window-seat airline passengers. There's just something about people asking for window seats that makes them a sought-after demographic. With standard ads the size of 3 Manchester United Football pitches (which equals 4 times the Dallas Cowboys' football field), the visual effect on a passenger is no less than stunning.

Size comparisonThe teeny-tiny plane in this picture is a Boeing 747 passenger aircraft (70.7 meters in length) and the pitches are each the same size as Manchester United's Old Trafford football pitch.

In their own words,

The Ad-Air concept revolutionises 'out-of-home' advertising with the largest adverts to be seen from the air. This 'record breaking' new medium delivers a captive audience of millions of premium international passengers.

The results are no less than stunning though, here's a picture I found on Gizmag. It shows the view a window seat passenger gets. Hard to miss eh? The ads will be placed along 30 major airports and passengers flying to Dubai might be the first ones to witness these ads. With upto 10 million unique viewers (probably includes the aisle seat passengers as well) and upto 20 million impacts a year, advertising for airline passengers is bound to take off!

Of course, this creates the problem of excessive advertising and, where applicable, loss of land. To cater for the possible loss of land, the boards will be non-permanent and may be fenced and surrounded by landscaping to prevent land-based humans from inadvertently registering views. If they cover fertile land, they will be printed on a PVC mesh that allows light to reach the vegetation below. When illuminated at night, the ads promise free light to the plants. The farmers would be so delighted!

Just like phone calls of the future will be paid for by relevant advertising on the medium, I hope my airline tickets can someday be paid for by ground-based advertising. Can we have bigger windows please? I promise to keep my eyes peeled open.

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