Monday, October 15, 2007

iPhone Could be More iNnovative

While we can fathom that electronic accessories aren't the most environmentally viable of creations, at least I was under the impression that the iPhone, and all products Apple, are as safe as they can be. Apparently this is not so, as I learnt from the TechCrunch post today.

According to Greeneace, the iPhone is the only top phone company still using PVC in the manufacture of the earphone cables. The iPhone also contains chemicals like Bromine, Chlorine and Phthalates - some of which have been eliminated or greatly reduced in Nokia and Sony phones. Moreover, the non-user-replaceable batteries of the iPhone don't help Apple one bit.

Maybe it's time Apple took lead in another aspect of technology by choosing to go green in a way no other company has gone before. After all, we expect Apple to be nothing less than exceptional in every aspect.

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