Saturday, October 06, 2007

OLPC's XO Reviewed

NY Times' David Pogue reviews OLPC's 'Initially planned at $100 but now selling at $200' XO laptop. Somewhat contrary to what a lot of people are expecting, the XO does pack a punch when it comes to functionality that will help students in poor countries.

The lappy appears small, but is fully loaded. The OLPC is for sale in America for two weeks, starting November, at $400. You don't get extra features for that amount, what you do get is the satisfaction of having helped one poor child get a laptop somewhere on the planet. No, you won't know where that child is. The XO has a gamepad controller, stereo speakers, a little camera, a dustproof and splashproof keyboard and a drop-proof casing. For more great info on the OLPC laptop, take a look at this YouTube video-

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