Monday, November 12, 2007

PutVote redirecting to SalesForce?

Indian social bookmarking site may have lost traction with the public finally. The site is currently redirecting to this page in SalesForce.

To verify yourself, click the PutVote link above. Hover over the link before you click to make sure it points to the right page. The way I see it, PutVote would've been started by SalesForce (correct me if I am mistaken) and had to be shut down on account of either spamming or misuse by people. Here's a snapshot of what the site looked like, from Google's Cache. It isn't too hard to identify the spam links.

Last I remember, the site did not have any bookmarking juice to offer. This just goes to prove that using bad English isn't the best idea to attract the growing Indian internet audience.

Here are some of the other social bookmarking sites available in India:

  • Indianpad
  • NewsCola
  • HumDigg
  • IndiaMarks
  • IndiaGram
  • Formus of \India
  • IndiaBytes
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    Garry said...

    I didnt show a redirect. It went to with no content.
    Hey, if it's okay. Can I have a link?