Thursday, June 24, 2010

Latest project - Indian payments on eShop plugin for wordpress

Did anyone notice that no wordpress eCommerce plugin offers payments in INR? I use the eShop plugin for one of our eCommerce websites and it was rather painful to integrate INR Payments into the plugin. However, things may be about to change for the better!

Am trying to convince the guys at EBS to integrate their payment gateway in the eShop plugin. What with Wordpress 3.0 being launched and eShop's latest version about to become live, this might be the best time for an Indian payment gateway to be permanently integrated into the plugin. Hope it goes well, will update on this blog - stay tuned!


Anvith said...

did you have any luck with the integration. Have you integrated any Indian gateway with e-Shop. I'd like to know cause I have a client who needs an online store and I find e-shop as the best option. Only they still don't have a gateway integration module.

Anmol said...

@Anvith: Was not able to get them to develop for eShop and release to the market. However, the EBS team was helpful enough to make integration to the site at their end. If you follow the tracking numbers up with them, it should be possible to use EBS.