Friday, July 27, 2007

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  9!4y 7j1$ p0$7
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1f y0u 7h1nk y0u und3r$74nd 7h1z p0$7, d0 wr173 y0ur r3$p0n$3 1n 73h c0mm3n7$. 83773r $71!!, !1473n 70 73h p0dc4$7 - 17'z h1!4r10u$!!m4ny 7h4nk$0rz.


Badsra said...

4f73r7h0u9h7 - 1$ 17 p0$$18!3 7h47 0ur 3n3m13$ m4y 83 c0mmun1c471n9 u$1n9 $uch mp3 f1!3$?

brijesh tripathi said...

dude, i did understand the post but it was post your challenge (if u have understood the post....) but it is a informative post nevertheless.
keep up the good work.