Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fichey solves bookmarking overload

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Here's a good idea if there ever was one. Do you want to browse through the most favorite pages on, Digg, Downfly, Reddit and StumbleUpon? Fichey provides a one-stop solution to viewing the day's top pages in the top bookmarking sites.

What's more, you can drag or scroll down on a page to move around and double-click a page to interact with it. Fichey stores top pages as .jpg images and uses them in its flash 'Microfiche like' interface. Just choose the date, and you're set. I hope they are also planning to include features like 'date range' and 'months' for viewing favorites. Also, Fichey could index more bookmarking services and offer them in the service drop-down.

The monetization is the classic contextual advertizing. If you double-click a page, you will be served Fichey's image of the page and a link to visit the original source. On the right of this link bar are some ads from Google.

All in all, a pretty neat idea for a start-up. With the advent of this many bookmarking services, it's sometimes hard to keep track of what's hot where. Fichey helps by simplifying the bookmarking platform. Moreover, there's no image to load and javascript from each page to execute. If you're more into voting and bookmarking and less into knowing the latest on the internet, you may really miss the voting button here though. Imagine Fichey as the Google News for bookmarking, but with a better looking (and easy on the computer) flash interface.

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