Monday, July 16, 2007

The google umbrella - literally!

The internet giant has been on an acquisition spree since the time it went public back in 2004. Since advertising is the primary revenue generation stream for Google, they have made a lot of acquisitions which will help them make a bigger advertising footprint.

From Google Radio Ads to free 411 Directory Assistance, Google has made investing wisely sound like child's play. Ever wonder what they'll acquire for lunch today? How about an umbrella manufacturer? Pileus is not just any umbrella manufacturer, they're the pioneers in developing the internet umbrella - one that has a built-in Camera, motion sensor, GPS, Digital compass, Photo Sharing, 3-D map navigation, a wireless internet connection and a big, round projection screen. Yes it also protects you from sunlight and rain, though sometimes not together. Sounds like something straight out of a Bond movie, but this one's real.

Here's a video of the umbrella being used:

You can see pictures and youtube videos, take pictures and upload them to your online album, look for directions (and the weather) with the 'wrist flick' motion on the handle.

Now to why Google should be interested in Pileus: To give value to the user (you and me) while getting another ad-delivery platform. Sounds like something on the lines of some of Google's acquisitions? Of course, Google would want to integrate the search function in the umbrella, maybe even add a search button next to the umbrella's open button. But the benefits that Google can derive by going after such ingenious inventions are only limited to their imagination.

Imagine every piece of online information being available under the Google Umbrella!

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