Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Network review - AtomFilms

AtomFilms, a service from MTV Networks, has been around since 1998. Till 2007, AtomFilms only catered to independent creators who wanted to bring their work to a larger audience, and not to the online video sharing community. Post May 2007, a new section (AtomUploads) was added so that users could post and share their videos. Source: Atomfilms - About us

After registration, you can either choose to watch AtomFilms (short films, animations and videos produced by professionals) or AtomUploads (user generated content).

AtomFilms: Good quality films and, if you like it, you can add the film to your custom channel. You also have the option to embed the film to your website/blog and share via email or IM. Currently bookmarking is available only for Digg and StumbleUpon. You can also rate the film, leave comments and check film credits like Director, producer and cast. Also on the list is the awards the film has won and the places it's been screened at. While watching a film though, be prepared to first be presented with a sponsor ad!

Sample Film:

AtomUploads: Choose a channel or tag for the videos and you'll get uploads from that category. videos have a short description, together with the tags attached and channel suggested by the uploader. As with films, you can Embed the video and share it via URL or email. Users can also leave comments and add video to their custom channels and subscribe to other videos from the same uploader.

Sample upload:

Demographics and Traffic

Atom Traffic:
Over 6 million monthly unique users

AtomFilms Demographics:
75% Male & 25% Female
73% 18-44 years old
AtomUploads Demographics:
65% Male & 35% Female
79% 13-24 years old
34% 18-34 years old
Source: AtomFilms - About Us

Nice to have:
AtomFilms: Running time, instead of just the duration

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