Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Network review -

In their own words, Blinkx is the world's largest and most advanced video search engine! Having over 12 million hours of searchable video and 130 media partnerships is quite a feat indeed. Users can search for video content, create personal video playlists, and build customized video walls for their site/blog or MySpace page. Here's the custom video wall I built -

The ease of use is quite evident and the site is neatly organized in a no-clutter, lightweight (read no advertising) frontpage. The ajax based video wall is a great concept. Maybe it would be better to have the videos popping up in the same window, rather than opening a new video every time a user clicks on one.

The content is divided across five broad categories - World News, Entertainment, Business, Sports and User Generated. The content though, is not stored at Blinkx but is streamed from a lot of other video sharing networks (for user generated content) and news/media websites from around the world.

Since videos are not uploaded to Blinkx, users simply submit the Media RSS or RSS 2.0 feeds to the Blinkx index and, from then on, Blinkx processes the feeds at least once daily.

If you are the creator of videos, maybe you post them on YouTube or MySpace or you have a personal blog. Whatever be your hosting method, it makes sense to add your videos to the Blinkx index so you will be able to generate more traffic (and perhaps more revenue, if that's your model) from each video created.

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