Thursday, July 19, 2007

Network review -

This site is an attempt at bringing a lot of independent services together - People profiles, photos, video sharing and forums - in keeping with the site's tagline 'Upload and Share you Life'. For the sake of keeping to my theme though, I will not include a review of the other services at this time.

In their own words, Bolt is "a place where you could store, organize and share all the media you create in the course of your digital life. A place where home movies can attain cult status, where snapshots from your last vacation might inspire a stranger to make the same trip, where the most timid voice can find a listener, and the most obscure subject, an audience.". A pretty nifty idea, I wonder why they're channeling their efforts into WikiYou now. There's a link at the very beginning of the content on every page asking users to check out their new site. I hope the Bolt team isn't losing confidence in their product just yet.

Here is an embed from Bolt:

Quite frankly, I don't see the need for a triple decimal timekeeping in my videos. Instead of the HH.MM.SS.MMM format currently, I'd rather have MM.SS total and MM.SS remaining/elapsed. Better still, make it clickable so the user can choose how he wants to see the time.

You can tag a video or bookmark it to Digg or post it to MySpace. The page format also shows similar videos (same tags) and videos from the same user. If you are planning to leave a comment, try to include a picture of yourself. The blank pic icons look kinda boring.

Overall verdict would be in the 2.5 range, 5 being the highest.

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