Sunday, July 22, 2007

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Break isn't exactly a network you could view on a Sunday afternoon with your kids. The content is not tailored for adults per se, but this isn't Cartoon Network either. Unlike networks where adult content is flagged, Break doesn't believe in censoring the content and, with Break Girls, it seems the Break team involves a bunch of naughty guys.

You can rate videos, bookmark 'em and add them to your Stumble or MySpace page. The video controls are good - you can link to related, top rated and most viewed videos from within the video player. Videos are also rated, and the most rated videos feature in the Who's Hot. The page even shows the one-day percentage jump in rank. A jump of over 3000% gets a video in the 'Breakout' category. Other categories for videos include 'Just submitted, most viewed, most discussed, top rated and most shared. Here is a sample video:

Most videos take time to load though, and that is expected when a site has close to 17 million unique monthly visitors and 500 million video plays. The over 3 million (registered) users are spreading quite a word.

It would be nice if we can pause videos before they start playing. That way, a user can open multiple videos in multiple windows and then view them one-by-one after they all load. It would be a better use of the limited bandwidth.

Monetization is what separates Break from most of its competitors. You can get paid for the videos you upload. All original video content that makes it to the Break homepage (with enough votes) gets you $400. Original short films and flash & animated films and games get you $2000 if they feature on the Break homepage. Not only this, Break also advises you on how you can make your uploads popular (posting on Digg, MySpace, asking your friends to view, etc) so that you get to see those green ones sooner. You can even apply for Break Pro if you produce video content as a profession. Break will help you monetize your creation further.

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