Monday, July 23, 2007

Network review - Brightcove

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Company founder: Jeremy Allaire.

After raising 59.5 million in their third round of funding in January this year, Brightcove has added more services and media partnerships.

Current Brightcove partners include Reuters, TiVo, Fox Broadcast Net, FX, Speed, CBS, Discovery, MTV Networks, National Geographic, Showtime, Rainbow Media, Buena vista, Dow Jones, BSkyB and NY Times. Website owners can display their own/user generated content as well as content from the partner networks on their webpages. Some partners, like Reuters, need you to fulfill certain requirements like number of page views before you can start displaying their content. If you are a TiVo subscriber, you can watch your content online - a great plus when you are traveling to another country and don't want to miss the latest episodes of your favorite soap.

Monetization - As reported by Mike earlier, the Brightcove Network is the video delivery and monetization channel for small publishers. You get 50% of revenue generation from ads displayed on the viewing page and 70% of revenue each time one of your videos is downloaded from Brightcove. Ads displayed along your video may be pre/post roll or synched banners appearing along your player. Enrol for a premium publisher account if you would like to take control of how the ads appear. You also have reason to cheer if you are the creator of content - with the acquisition of MetaStories, editing your flash based video should be a breeze.

A sample video:

Aside from the usual features associated with video sharing networks, Brightcove stands out in the following:

1. Syndication Marketplace: Here website publishers can use video content from hundreds of uploaded videos. The owner can choose to approve and add ads to the uploaded video. The appended ads will be displayed along with the content on the publisher's webpage.

2. Publish using Brightcove network: Using the Brightcove network, you can publish for free and Brightcove will place and sell ads. While you will earn half the ad revenue on every video display, your earnings go up to 70% if your content is downloaded.

3. Publish using Brightcove platform: Designed for media companies, broadcasters and marketers, this platform gives the user full control over ads displayed on the content. A usage fee is applied, as Brightcove will not have control over your content.

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