Monday, August 06, 2007

iPhone no longer tied to AT&T

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iPhoneGreat news - the iPhone can now be freed from the AT&T network. If you're on Verizon (or any other network), you can still buy that iPhone you've been drooling over. No need to wait for that lock-in period to end before you lay your hands on this one of God's creations. For $96, your iPhone can be (re)configured to work on any network. Hackintosh forums has a step-by-step guide on how to go about making the necessary changes to your iPhone

Of course, doing so will void your warranty and neither Hackintosh nor I can be held responsible. Moreover, I haven't tried the stunt yet but I have this feeling it will work. Mashable reported earlier on this iPhone hack. In fact, Tech blogger Digital Inspiration also reported earlier that Indian hackers will unlock the iPhone for as little as $25. This report from his blog on how.

All the best to iPhone fans across the globe. Do give the hackers in India a chance before you go all out to void your warranty yourself.


Anonymous said...

It's inaccurate to say that you can use an iPhone on the Verizon cellular network. The iPhone uses GSM-Based EDGE radio technologies whereas Verizon/Sprint use CDMA-based EVDO radio technologies. The two aren't compatible. More accurate might be the ability to use it on the T-Mobile network. At least until the iPhone contains both types of radios.

Badsra said...

Dear Anonumous, I stand corrected. CDMA and GSM aren't compatible and the iPhone wouldn't work with Verizon even after the $96 fix. Thanks for pointing it out :)