Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Network review - Cozmo.tv

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Cozmo.tv is when YouTube meets StumbleUpon. Using keywords from your settings and the publisher's, Cozmo.tv will stream videos only of your interest. Welcome to the personalized TV2.0. Moreover, it uses RSS feeds for channels. This means your content will always be up-to-date in that particular category.

When logged in, you will also be able to rate content and Cozmo will then decide on your preferences and how people of similar interest rated the videos. The next video you see will be based on some complex computations to ensure it suits your individual taste. Well, that's the whole idea behind it anyway. As of now the site Cozmo.tv is being upgraded.

You can also embed the Cozmo widget into your own website or blog. That way, your visitors can see your custom channel. It's much better than displaying keyword specific YouTube videos. Currently Cozmo.tv will only feature videos from top video sharing sites like YouTube, Google Videos, MySpace, etc. In their own words,

CozmoTV is going to redefine television. Today, people in the US spend an average of almost 5 hours a day watching TV and DVDs. However amazing this number is, what is even more amazing is that most are still not happy with what they are watching. CozmoTV is going to change this by dramatically improving the quality of what you watch when you ‘watch TV’ on our network.
What you need to do is set-up a channel by embedding a YouTube-like player in your website and start broadcasting.

What is also exciting is that you can aggregate channels on your webpage, show what you think your community might be interested in, and rake in the advertising dollars and subscription revenues! This one part definitely sets Cozmo.tv apart from the other video sharing networks which capitalize on your uploaded videos.

The reason why the Cozmo.tv site is not available at this moment is, as reported in their blog, that they are adding 1400 new RSS channels, some celebrity channels, custom networks, Blip.tv support, WordPress upgrade, a new search, and a 'New Server'. I'm always happy whenever a service adds 'new servers' as it means they're planning to cross the chasm from innovators and early adopters to the mass market - always a good sign on where the company is going. From starting in early 2006, the company has come a long way indeed. Hope we are able to dump the tube soon in favor a of tailored broadband Television soon.

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