Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Make money by watching ads - AdPerk

AdPerk - Watch and Be RewardedI have reported here earlier on how a visitor's attention can attract a value for itself. AdPerk brings you (currently) magazine subscriptions that you pay for by watching upto a minute long ads before getting a link to the magazine edition. This is a pretty nifty way of paying for a service, and I get a feeling it's going to be very successful.

At present you can only get subscription issues of Dwell and Popular Science but this is going to change soon. I see from their site that they're recruiting advertising personnel so as to get more companies to have their products available through this mode of payment. It's understandable why they're focusing on magazines - the marginal cost of producing another online issue is zero. Hopefully they can expand to include other similar services that users can pay for by watching some ads.

I have contacted AdPerk to know if they are thinking of offering their services to Bloggers. After all, bloggers spend a lot of their time writing on what they think their viewers will like. Instead of waiting for a random user to click an ad, wouldn't it be better if every user can see a video ad while reading the blog? Will update this post when I get their response. Meanwhile, if you're planning to get your iPhone this way, I would suggest you take a year's leave to watch all the videos they'll stream your way...

Update:The response of the AdPerk team on when/if the system will be rolled out for blogs -

We just launched the company a little over a month ago so we’re in the very early stages. We’ve been working to make our platform completely scalable so as we move forward, you’ll see new titles added more quickly. We have several additions in the cue to go live over the coming weeks.

Re: rolling the concept out to bloggers is absolutely the direction we’re heading (in) – it’s a matter of executing on some of our established partnerships. We hope to have some solid news about our plans in the coming months

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