Friday, August 24, 2007

When you don't talk

If you treat blogging like a business, it turns out to be a business. If you don't give it time, it won't give you any financial juice. No, I don't treat this blog like a cash cow, it's actually a way for me to learn a few things about the web and to be regular at one thing in life at least.

Having said that, the reason I haven't been writing here for over two weeks now is firstly because I am traveling. Secondly, I have been unwell over the last couple of days and thirdly, I have limited access to the internet. All in all, it's a pretty nasty combination for a budding blogger...

I will try to revive my blog in the coming days and reach back where I left off. I hope you as a reader will come back for more news, views and commentary on the things that are happening around us.

1 comment:

brijesh tripathi said...

yeah man, i have been waiting for some updates/news in this place4ideas....and it's nice to see u back in action..