Thursday, August 02, 2007

Network review - Buzznet

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Video Blogs, Photoblogs, Audio Blogs and Blog-Blogs -- BuzznetLaunched in 2003 by Marc Brown, Anthony Batt, Steve Haldane and Kevin Woolery, Buzznet really appeared on the public radar sometime towards the last quarter of 2004. Since then, though, it has grown exponentially into a 6 million user strong "vibrant social media destination representing the next generation of social networking".

Not just a video sharing network, Buzznet is Social Networking service that offers more than profile pages and communication tools (read MySpace, Facebook and Orkut). Buzznet enables users to interact with and create dynamic multimedia communities around the topics they are most passionate about. The demographics (and audience targeted) keeps the topics around music and pop culture. Users connect, discuss, discover and share audio/video media and photos.

There's a reason why this 'video sharing networks' post mentions Buzznet's video sharing platform at the end - a lot of users embed videos from popular video sharing services like YouTube, MySpace and others. Frankly, I think services that offer only Video sharing are plain vanilla. The real chocolate sauce that separates Buzznet from the others is the type of customized pages users can create. A quick look at Jeffrey Star's page will illustrate Buzznet's power of creating social networks. Users can subscribe to communities, tag and rate videos, display information specific to the community and, of course, leave comments.

Overall, for the unique blend of many vanilla services, I would give Buzznet a hearty 4 out of 5. Do you feel different? Leave a comment!

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