Saturday, August 04, 2007

Network review - Castpost

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At a time when Video sharing networks are raising millions from VCs, it's surprising to see Castpost in Alpha testing since 2005! Either that, or they're growing so fast they didn't have time to update their About page. The former case seems more likely, gauging by the mindshare Castpost commands.

In their own words, "Castpost currently includes Castpost Hosting, a popular video hosting services for user-generated content. Castpost Hosting is in Alpha, and people all over the world use Castpost to share their personal video and audio clips with friends and family." Just how popular, we don't know yet.

The good part - you can customize your personal page to have only audio files (as well as a mix). This one is a good example. Tyromaniac is an example of mixed audio and video on a page. But these features don't pack anything special really.

TechCrunch calls such video sharing services The Flickrs of Video and I'm sure the other services mentioned in his post are much better than Castpost at what they set-out to do. It's got the lowest storage space available to users, doesn't convert the format (flv/flash/3gp). You can still share via RSS though, but maybe some more work and the service will be fully baked. Another two years maybe?

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docker said...

Thanks for the link to

I've been assuming that Castpost was just a website on its way out. Nothing seems to have changed for ages and it wasn't online much.

Then last week, suddenly, it was working fine. Now, back to not available. At least it won't serve up the files I've posted there.

The last time I looked at Castpost's discussion board it was mostly porn. Otherwise an abandoned web page. The whole project seems abandoned.

I'll probably be transfering most of my files to MOG - unless another BLOG site that makes it easy to post audio finds me.

Meanwhile, please check out which is available.