Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fruitless Fruitcast - Ads in Podcast? Not now!

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Any idea what happened to the much talked about service that appends audio ads to your podcasts? Fruitcast is the first service that came to mind when I thought of adding a podcast to my blog. After all, it won recommendations from TechCrunch, SolutionWatch, Mashable, ProBlogger, LifeHacker and SoloStream. So what exactly happened to this wonderful idea? It seems Fruitcast is taking a break from business (who does that?) to come up with some more wonderful ideas. Or perhaps the high CPM rates brought them down?

Here's what they said when they started out back in November 2005 -

‘Want to earn income from your labor of love? Putting ads on your podcast is now as easy as signing up for an account and changing the URL of your podcast’s RSS feed. Tasty!’
I hate to see love's labor lost and Fruitcast is currently proving fruitless. In the meanwhile, Kiptronic has come up with a similar service and I think they also took all of Fruitcast's customers with them.

It sure would be nice to see more competition in the field of serving ads with podcasts, and I'm sure Fruitcast is working on something wonderful behind the curtains. Just don't take too long guys!

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