Saturday, August 04, 2007

WOW - Podcasting on the phone!

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Starting today, I will add a WOW feature to my blog - to be published whenever I see a service that's based on a really neat idea. It need not be related to the core theme of this blog, but it'll be something that has good potential to 'solve a problem' and enrich our lives.

Today's WOW feature is about two podcasting services I recently discovered - Podlinez and a service from Alltel.

Podlinez, a free service, just needs you to enter the Podcast Feed URL and it generates a (US) phone number that you can call to listen to that podcast. You can use the * and # keys on your phone to skip forward and backward in the podcast. Now you don't have to miss your podcasts just because you are in office. Here are some of their most popular numbers:

CNN News Update+1 (415) 376-7253
PotterCast: The Harry Potter Podcast+1 (818) 688-2780
NPR: Hourly News Summary+1 (650) 523-6819
this WEEK in TECH - MP3 Edition+1 (831) 480-3911
The Cell Phone Junkie+1 (510) 495-6352
Diggnation (Mp3)+1 (408) 538-2141
NewsPod+1 (510) 248-0337
Faith Church Weekly Word+1 (408) 538-2182
TalkCrunch+1 (831) 480-3920
Daily GizWiz+1 (415) 376-7224

With Alltel Axcess you can use your phone to search and choose from thousands of podcasts. BestStuff puts the monthly subscription at $3.99 but I was unable to verify the same at the Alltel website.

There you are - two WOW services, one that generates a phone number that you can call (use the free office phone) to listen to podcasts and the other to choose from thousands of podcasts without having to remember any numbers. I would prefer the first, which would you choose? Do you think these services can be improved? Leave a comment.

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