Friday, August 31, 2007

Suggested Mashup - QuickInsert and AdPerk

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This post earlier on how a reader can make money by watching ads. Alternatively, AdPerk also allows you to get subscription issues of a few magazines just by watching a short commercial. All-in-all, a pretty neat idea - until you think of the positive implications this may have on bloggers who are planning to monetize their blogs, but an essential payment service is still missing.

QuickInsert - get paid for your contentTo bridge the divide, there's QuickInsert. In their own words,

You have a site, a blog, or webspace. We protect and host your membership content. This content is known as your "protected content" and is unavailable to non-users. Once a visitor registers on your website, they are either prompted for payment via Google Checkout/Paypal or are activated instantly. They can then login on your site, and your site's protected content becomes available!
As a blogger, now you can keep snippets in your main blog and keep the full posts accessible only to registered users. But that's not as far as you can go - imagine (as suggested in this post's heading) a mashup between the two services and you have a wonderful money maker. You can get your readers to view short ads before they can read your posts. Everyone benefits! Well, except the readers of course as they now have more clicks before the content becomes available.

Using QuickInsert is easy and you don't need to do any extensive HTML/Javascript editing before getting this to work. What's more, your readers/users will not be redirected to any other site. Payment and logging-in will be taken care of at your site itself.

If an entrepreneur out there is reading this blog, here's your million dollar idea! Don't forget to make me the (honorary) co-founder.

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    Jeffro2pt0 said...

    Thanks for linking to my article. Just one more way for bloggers to try and monetize their content.

    John Kolbert said...

    Nice post. If your readers are looking for a live demonstration of QuickInsert they can check out my review from a few weeks ago:

    Badsra said...

    Thanks for the comment John, I hope the QI team works on teaming up with AdPerk also when they work on polishing their service to merit another star.
    PS: I'm not sure why your hyperlink did not appear as one