Friday, August 31, 2007

Orkut redesigned

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I went into this mad frenzy a few minutes back. It all happened when I logged into my Orkut account to resolve some friend requests. First thing I thought - am I using Safari? After ruling out that possibility, and after scrolling down a little on the page, I was again mystified at the use of the old Google logo. Here's the new one:

And here is the old one found on Orkut:

And here's what I still don't understand after reading all about the Orkut makeover on TechCrunch - why not use the new Google logo?

Overall, not changing too much on this hugely popular social networking site (specially in Brazil and India) was perhaps a good idea. To find comparison pictures of the old and new Orkut, click here to visit pictures on Flickr. Maybe this is Google's way of telling users that they still like Orkut as much as we do and that they're working on getting it out of Beta soon. That's one makeover I've crossed my fingers for.

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