Sunday, September 02, 2007

Asterpix - Welcome to Video 2.0

Hypervideo for allAsterpix enables a user to create hyperlinks in a video. This is immensely helpful if you're planning to add more information than the video can display - like here in the embedded video below:

This can help education as well as entertainment. If you go to the Asterpix page where this video is displayed, the details show that the source of the video is YouTube. This means the method will also lend itself to a new way of monetizing video content. In the words of the Asterpix team,

Asterpix enables users to easily create hypervideos and share them through websites, blogs and email. Analogous to hypertext, hypervideo provides an interactive experience by allowing viewers to select objects of interest to get more information or navigate the video.

Once you are a registered user, you can even add your own tags within the video and share with your friends. How soon before we have full HyperVideo HV HD movies? I'll be willing to take credit for that term whenever we do!

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    Anonymous said...

    looks like you can also have links to objects in the video. see
    click on the text links as you read

    Anonymous said...

    Found another cool example of the interaction between blog text and video.

    Badsra said...

    Thanks for your comments, I checked Nat's blog as well as Panini's and they are both early adopters. Nicely used videos, the post stands validated! :)
    PS: Please leave your name when you comment, it's nice to know.

    romain said...

    interested in clickable video applications

    check this
    (live from cannes / today's video)

    or this

    another application
    product placement with hypervideo

    all made by a french agency

    Badsra said...

    FLASHY! But it's good as long as it gets the job done :)