Sunday, September 02, 2007

What you can do with Google Earth

If you're the 'no so much into finding restaurant locations on a world map' kind, here's one reason to get Google Earth - now you can play Flight Simulator on Google Earth! If flying-by your house/school/office was your dream, here's your chance to make it a reality - virtually, of course.

It's not for me though, here's what my screen usually looks like when I'm flying: Bad flight, no STALL sign thoughThe STALL sign is missing in this picture though, and I'm happy about that.

The simulation will give you the option to fly either the F-16 Fighting Falcon or the Cirrus SR22. The Wikipedia entry for the SR22 also says the aircraft has the Aircraft Parachute System but I'm not sure why I still kept crashing. Hope you do better than I did.

In time, hopefully, Google will add more airports to the list which currently is at 27 airports from around the world. Hope to see more planes as well and, while I'm at it, how about a map layer with the airline routes across the globe? That way, passengers will be able to better choose which side of the aisle they want to sit during their real flights.

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