Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Google Reader has a lot up its sleeves

If you have been using Google Reader, you would be aware of the 'Shared Items' link. One of the most popular shared items come from Recently, Blogoscoped reported a leaked Google Video that details the team's plans for the Reader. It's known that two-thirds of blogs/sites have just one feed subscriber. This is understood, as I'm probably the only subscriber to my own blog. Such feeds are not indexed as frequently as the more popular ones. Some of the important points from the post:

  • Expect more social features in Google Reader
  • Reported in TechCrunch earlier, you will soon be able to comment on a person's shared posts (remember, the posts are owned by someone else)
  • When you search on Google Reader, you might be shown results from your subscribed shared items
  • ProBlogger reports that the feeds may be more directly monetized, especially when the real publisher has an Adsense account
  • Although I'm glad Google is thinking of displaying ads from the content owner's Adsense account, it still bothers me that content owners might not be able to get people to visit their pages (specially if a more popular blogger has the full post available on his shared items). Hopefully Google will fix the legal aspect before launching the new features to the public.

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