Friday, September 14, 2007

Your videos can earn you money!

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RevverI have posted earlier about making (not so tangible) money by watching ads. So far, it only gets you magazine subscriptions but soon it might become a part-time source of income. If you are like millions of other internet users, though, you would be watching videos on YouTube or one of the other popular video sharing networks. You have probably also been uploading and embedding videos but never really wondered if all your effort could net you any moolah... until now!

Revver MillionRecently, at their first anniversary, Revver announced that they have paid out one million dollars to content owners and distributors (people who embed Revver videos in their sites or blogs). Here's how it works - As a content owner, you upload a video and Revver shows pre/post roll ads whenever someone views your video. From the revenue generated, you get half the amount and Revver keeps the other half. If you are a distributor, Revver gives you twenty percent of the total revenue generated before splitting between the content owner and itself. All in all, a nifty deal if there ever was one for video sharing.

If you would like to view Revver's press release, you can find it here.

Some other video sharing networks that share advertising revenue with content owners:

  • Flixya shares 100% ad revenue with content owners
  • Metacafe gives content owners $100 for every 20,000 views of their uploaded videos
  • YouTube and DailyMotion have made revenue sharing deals with some of the top contributors on their sites
  • If you have a video camera, there couldn't be a better time to go out and capture the world. Who knows, you might even get the most viewed video on the planet! Oh, and here is the current most viewed video on the planet (Metacafe would've paid the owner something like $3000 by now!)

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