Thursday, September 20, 2007

Infinite Memory Enough For You?

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Anyone who uses USB Memory Drives knows the pains we need to go through to transfer the bulky files. It's amazing how movie files (legitimately acquired, of course) are always just a little over the capacity of the flash drive and we need to find ingenious ways of transferring them (from the home PC to the Laptop) like setting up a LAN connection. Hell, I even tried to move files via Bluetooth! Painful process... Here's the solution.

Designer Vicky Wei has come up with an excellent design to extend the storage space of your USB Flash Drive. How far can you extend it? Well, is infinite good enough for you? Here's a quote from Yankodesign:

Memory Infinite has a USB male connector at one end and a female connector at the other, providing an “add up” concept for USB finger discs. By connecting one Memory Infinite with another to, you can grow the space you need. The user can choose to combine or separate Memory Infinites to share files and if you build a chain long enough, you can wear it. When plugged into a computer, the daisy chain appears as one unified USB drive.
The way the design works is, the USB drives each have a male and a female connector (the current ones have only the male connector that plugs into, well, wherever you want to plug it). This way you can daisy chain multiple drives and theoretically have that much more storage available. The designer also envisaged a flexible middle in the drives so that the multiple-connected chain does not protrude too much.

Other uses include using the chain as a bracelet or around the neck, in case people don't already know your geek god status. Whatever the use, we may never have to throw old USB Drives away again. Unless you switch to Wireless USB.

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