Friday, September 21, 2007

iTunes Fans, Nevermind The Missed Shows

Steve Jobs

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FSJ has an interesting post on what the future might hold for the big TV Networks (like NBC's Download service) as they move out of the iTunes way of broadcasting. An excerpt:
So they've all been threatening us with this for years, and we've told them to feel free and go right ahead, and now they're finally going to take the bait and go do it. We're thrilled. They are going to waste hundreds of millions of dollars wading into a quagmire and in two years they'll be looking for a way to back out while saving face.
It sure would be interesting to see another video/audio delivery channel compete with iTunes (in terms of service delivery and content availability). Hope it doesn't take them too long to come back to iTunes... $1.99 deals are the best! Link to FSJ's post

BTW, Steve Jobs (the real one) was subpoenaed over stock option backdating to the tune of $20 million! Reuters report here.

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